Empresa: Magmalabs

País: MX
End.: Av. Constitución #2035 Colima, Colima 28017, México

Empresa: Magmalabs

País: US
End.: Av. Constitución #2035 Colima, Colima 28017, México


MagmaLabs is an expert Consultancy that creates effective and attractive Ecommerce, Software Development and UX/UI Design solutions for companies located in Mexico, USA and Europe.

Tipos de implementação

Implantação de layout

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MagmaLabs has an expert team of User Experience and User Interface Designers and Frontend Developers specialized on ecommerce. We capture and design effective experiences for the customers of our clients, to ensure that a top-on-the-class UX is on place to effectively increase the conversion rates. Our UI designers create components that reflect the brand and convey the message for our clients audience. Finally our Frontend Developers, using the input from UX and UI, implement an effective and efficient Layout for your ecommerce.

Planos de suporte

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Magmalabs offers different post-launch added value services for you as: *Support for fine tuning and bug fixing. As you learn more about your target audience we can improve their experience and conversion *Ecommerce Consultancy and Advisory. Based on defined metrics and analytics we can work with you to identify areas of improvement that will impact the ROI and revenue