:We are a results oriented digital marketing agency dedicated to helping our clients build and monetize their digital assets.

We specialize in e-commerce, m-commerce, inbound marketing, automation, lead generation

Tipos de implementação

Implantação de layout

USD 6.000,00 - 16.000,00

We understand that user experience is key to successful purchase completion. So we combine the power of VTEX's features with our knowledge to create layouts that are beautiful, flexible and easy to use, but that are also strongly rooted in your corporate identity, business goals and existing digital environments.

We've been measuring, optimizing and monetizing e-commerce business across industries for over a decade. Delivering platforms that let your product or service shine and make your shoppers want to come back, is second nature to us. We take on user interface design in its totality. Our designers produce aesthetically beautiful environments that are up to date with visual trends and respond to the buyers' behavioral patterns we've discovered through years of methodical studies. Our UI always understands, serves and offers excellent shopping experiences, no matter how wide or narrow your target market is.

Planos de suporte

USD 3.000,00 - 18.000,00

Sandiamedia offers the best post-launch support. Bugs and errors can be minimized but they remain a reality of online businesses, so we will be ready to work fast identifying and solving issues. During the post launch phase, we will reach further than maintaining the VTEX platform. We will measure, analyze, report and optimize your online store. We'll learn your stores strengths and leverage them for growth, and we'll get to know its weaknesses so we can reduce them.

Because our agency is well versed in all aspects of digital marketing, we will also be able to propose supplementary growth tactics —inbound marketing, automation, marketing plans, quick-win strategies and content marketing— that will continue boosting your sales. Ready to grow your brand and outgrow your goals? Get in touch!


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